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Growing up in the Deep South, iced, sweet tea with lemon has always been my favorite drink of choice.  I remember many days swinging on the old front-porch swing at my grandfather's home, just enjoying being on the farm.  Yes, I picked cotton, okra, butterbeans; and tomatoes were also pretty good. But the best thing was seeing clear blue skies, with a few white, puffy "popcorn" clouds. The fragrance of pine from so many pine trees everywhere was a wonderful experience.

Football was the most talked about sport, especially the Auburn-Alabama game.  Everyone chose sides & you were either for one team, or the other team.  There was no middle ground.  I chose Auburn, primarily I think, because they were the underdog & I like to pull for underdogs.  Fortunately for me, when it came time to choose a college, Auburn had a great engineering school, so I chose Auburn & became an aerospace engineer. Graduation brought an opportunity with NASA where I worked on the Saturn V, their most powerful rocket.  Having also been part of Auburn’s ROTC program, I also served in the military, as a USAF pilot during the Vietnam Conflict.

Later on, I spent almost thirty years in the wholesale food industry working in various capacities from installing new scanning systems, improving warehouse productivity, to assisting retailers in their decisions to expand, remodel/upgrade & sometimes relocate their facilities to enable them be more competitive.  This experience brought lots of travel across many areas of our country.

It might now be worthwhile to share that I am also an avid car guy who enjoys going to a street-rod event whenever I can find one close-by & have the time to attend.  When cold weather arrives, my wife, Susan, and I enjoy going to area jazz clubs & football watch parties for the Auburn Tigers with the DFW Auburn club. We might even travel to view a “live” game in the fall at an area SEC school. All other times of the year, I enjoy riding a recumbent trike. It’s a lot of fun & great exercise.

As a former pilot I'm always anxious to attend a good air show, especially if the Thunderbirds or Blue Angels are performing.  It's also a good chance to practice & enhance my photography skills, a very rewarding hobby.

Finally, let me include that I enjoy being an "ambassador" for the North Texas area & I work hard to maintain good relationships with some of the best home builders in the nation, who are building right here in DFW.  We have numerous new communities within the Metro area that have won national awards.  Some offer features unheard of in other parts of the country, such as a local restaurant, next to the amenity center.

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